How to buy

How do I make a purchase at

It's Easy to Shop at The home page is a great place to start shopping if you want to purchase a merchant gift certificate, flowers, cake, gift basket, candy or bottle of liquor.

How can I search for products on

The site's search function can help you locate merchants and gifts by name or in a specific city or small town. You can also browse through our gift certificate categories.

Click the "Add to Cart" button to order the item. In addition, you can search by ocassion (e.g. Get Well Soon).

How do I start the purchase process?

Add products to your Shopping Cart. Once you have finished looking, click on the Checkout button to start the Payment process

Will I receive an email confirming my order?

Yes. You will receive an email with the summary of your order right after you finish placing the order.

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Which gift cards do you offer at

Click on the link to see a full list of store and restaurant gift cards for delivery in Colombia. These are exactly the same cards and certificates you would buy at each of these stores. 

How are these gift certificates and gift cards delivered?

We ship via courier with signature-required delivery. Some merchants offer gift card delivery by email. 

Do these gift cards or gift certificates expire?

Each merchant has its own policy regarding gift card expiration. Most gift certificates have no expiration date. Some are valid for 1 year. Regardless, the expiration date will be clearly indicated in the envelope or in the gift card itself. 

Can gift cards or gift certificates be redeemed for any product or service?

Yes, these are equivalent to cash and, as such, can be used to purchase any product or service available for sale at the merchant's location. 

Where can gift cards and gift certificates be redeemed?

Generally, they can be redeemed at any merchant location. However, be sure to check the product description first for any geographical restriction. 

Can I exchange gift certificates purchased at


What happens if I purchase a gift card and the store goes out of business? only offers gift certificates to well-known stores and restaurants. It is very unlikely that this will happen but if it the customer would be entitled to an exchange. 

Payments and Security

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard and Paypal.

My purchase will be billed in which currency?

US Dollars.

¿Are my transactions safe on

Yes. We use high-grade SSL encryption. We do not store your payment information in our servers. 

Shipping and Handling

When will the order arrive?

If you specified a delivery date for your order we will do our best to deliver exactly on that date as long as it's not a Sunday or holiday. Orders with no required delivery date will be shipped withing the following 48 hours after receipt of the order. Once items are shipped they are normally delivered on the next business day. Floral arrangements are shipped locally. 

How much is shipping?

A $4.99 shipping fee will be added to most orders. Some items may have slightly higher shipping fees due to weight and/or size. 

Will there be any additional fees on my order?


How are orders shipped?

Via courier. We will provide you with a tracking number once the items are shipped.

What if a shipment gets lost before delivery?

It is our responsibility to deliver our products. In the unlikely case that an item gets lost during shipment we will ship a replacement. 

Order Tracking

How can I check the status of my order?

Login to your account to see your order history and status. Customers receive an email confirmation after the order is placed and when it is shipped. Shipment tracking is available at the courier's website.  

What if my order arrives incomplete?

Please contact us.

What if my gift certificate is lost or stolen?

Gift certificates and gift cards should be treated like cash. In the event of theft or loss after delivery we will be unable to replace them.

Your privacy on

I do not wish to receive promotional email messages from your company, can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you can adjust your marketing preferences from your account. We respect your privacy.

I forgot my password, can I recover it?

From the home page click on Sign In and then on Forgot My Password.

Help and Support

How can I ask anything?

For additional questions or comments please fill out our contact form. We normally respond within the following 12 hours, except during weekends and holidays.